The Moments Of Truth Project is a traveling documentary series that explores the ways our personal experiences connect and form a larger whole. The series begins with a look at the human-animal experience, and what we can learn about ourselves and human society through our relationship with animals. 


Henry and I travel throughout the U.S, gathering interviews, images and stories.


The project shares moments that reach below the surface of our interconnected world. 


The first feature-length film focuses on the human experience through the lens of our relationship with animals. 


 Excerpts from the interviews are woven into the project publications and visual works. Each participant's page includes a short biography with background about how we met.


As part of the Moments Of Truth Project I work with individuals, organizations and communities to develop the multimedia tools, knowledge and platforms they need to share their work and stories. I specialize in website building and content development for independent artists, craftspeople, writers, visual storytellers and community centers, and I have nearly twenty years of experience producing multimedia for universities, companies and nonprofits.

If you are interested in starting a website, creating multimedia content, or learning to produce multimedia, we can collaborate to develop a professional website with fresh videos, writing and photography to convey your style and vision. I can manage your project from start to finish, or help you master the multimedia tools and move forward yourself. I offer these creative services around the country for fees that help sustain this project and further its mission to share knowledge and build mutually supportive relationships. If you send me an email describing your project needs, I’ll tailor a proposal.


The project's digital publication, called MOMENTS, features selected interviews, short films and photography along with unlimited access to the Interviews Gallery.


Comments and questions are welcome, along with inquiries about workshops, presentations and the creative services available through this project. 

Or write to:
Caroline Kraus
Moments Of Truth Project
PO Box 1602
Mill Valley, CA 94942

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