MOMENTS OF TRUTH is a multimedia project that reflects upon
the ways we live and work and relate to each other and the natural world.


Recorded on locations throughout the United States, the series shares interviews and short films as well as photography, books and feature length films. Caroline and Henry travel throughout the U.S, gathering interviews, images and stories.


The project shares moments that reach below the surface of our interconnected world. 


The project’s first topic focuses on the human experience
through the lens of our relationship with animals. 


 Interviews, observations and encounters weave into
the project’s publications and visual works. 


As part of the project I work with individuals, organizations and communities to develop the multimedia tools, knowledge and platforms they need to share their work and stories. These creative services generate funds that help sustain the project and further its mission to share knowledge and build mutually supportive relationships.


The project's digital publication, called Moments, features
selected interviews, short films and photography.


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Caroline Kraus
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