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  Caroline & Henry Filming in Mansfield Missouri. When not on the road, we call Mill Valley, California home. 

Caroline & Henry Filming in Mansfield Missouri. When not on the road, we call Mill Valley, California home. 

From the moment we joined forces back in 2014, Henry and I have been close companions and veterans of the road. I was surprised to know I would adopt him the moment I saw his picture, texted to me by a rescue group looking for fosters, showing him dangling and howling in the arms of an Animal Control officer. It turned out he had been found hiding under a house in Merced, California, orphaned along with four siblings. 

I had not yet taken the leap with the Moments Of Truth Project when I brought him home, tiny, sick, and shaking with fear. His first choice upon entry was to dash under my bed, where he stayed except for necessary outdoor excursions for two days. Realizing he needed that transitional den, I put water and food at the perimeter of his comfort zone, along with a soft green frog almost his size. As I watched from the doorway, he quietly snuck up to take a drink of water, then he took hold of the frog and pulled it back under the bed to join him on his blanket.

Eventually Henry ventured out to see what I was doing in other parts of the house, and soon enough we took to the sidewalks of town and to trails and beaches.

Meanwhile, the seeds of this project were sprouting, soon to produce this website, a filming strategy, and the many questions about other people and our society that fuels it all. Though I didn't imagine it at the time, when Henry arrived I was at the beginning of a new life that has taken us on an exceptional journey with twists and turns that continues to this day.

I operate the cameras and car and handle the editing, writing and website, while Henry watches our gear and my back and opens doors wherever we go with his wit and intelligent charm. 

After many years producing multimedia for companies, universities and nonprofits, and writing this memoir, I now devote all of my time to gathering interviews, stories and images from around the country and creating the project's films and books from those experiences.

For a deeper look into my professional background you can follow this link, and to know more about Henry, check out his two-page National Geographic spread!



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