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Caroline and Henry on location in Missouri

Caroline and Henry on location in Missouri

My name is Caroline Kraus, and that's Henry with me on location. We joined forces in 2015 when he was just a wee pup rescued by an organization called Rocket Dog. Now Henry is full grown, and we have become veterans of the road and close companions.

I operate the camera and handle the video editing, writing and sound, and Henry opens doors wherever we go with his wit and intelligent charm. 

After many years producing multimedia for companies and nonprofits, as well as significant experience with a range of animals in both sanctuary and use settings, I now dedicate most of my time to this project, producing short and feature length documentaries, photo essays, and writings.  When not on the road, we call Mill Valley, California home.

This short montage features scenes from our travels and filming locations.

Henry is part of this 2017 National Geographic Kids book.


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The project is currently raising funds to cover equipment and travel expenses for the next long trip to gather interviews and images focused on entertainment, oceans, and wildlife.