Carol J. Adams, M.Div

Carol is an author, speaker, and activist with a Masters in Divinity from Yale Divinity School. Her work focuses on social justice, including women's rights and animal rights, as well as racism, domestic violence, and homelessness. Her books include The Sexual Politics of MeatNeither Man Nor Beast: Feminism And The Defense Of Animals, and The Pornography Of Meat. On a chilly December day we had a chance to meet in her home in Texas where she welcomed a grateful Henry, who sat at her feet throughout the interview.


Interview Excerpts

An Early Epiphany

Cultural Influences on How We View Animals 

Fears of Anthropomorphism

Why Focus on Animal Concerns When Human Need Is Abundant?

Reconciling Religious Texts with Treatment Of Animals

On the Impact of Consumer Complacency

How Oppressions of Women, People of Color and Animals Connects

On Activism and Social Change

How Do we Know What's Uniquely Human?

On Reproductive Freedom

How Abortion Rights Relates to Animal Rights

"One Bad Day"

Contrast Between Caring For Dying Loved Ones And the Deaths We Give Other Species

Considering Biblical References About Animals 

Interpreting Religious Texts

The Sexual Politics Of Meat

How to Have a Dialogue About Eating Animals