Bobby Lucy

                                              Presenting a toy to Henry

I first became acquainted with Bobby Lucy's gifts as a painter when I saw his work at John Burroughs High School in St. Louis, where we were both students, one year apart. He went on to study at Northwestern University followed by the Art Institute of Chicago, and while living in Chicago, he spent summers immersed in the natural wonders of the Oregon coast and painting its landscapes. 

In 2013 Lucy, and his partner Chris Wells, moved to the Byrcliffe Art Colony in Woodstock, NY. He and Chris are founding members of the Obie Award-winning Secret City and along with his personal gallery and editioned work, Bobby runs Robert Lucy Animals, specializing in commissioned portraits of animals and people.

When Henry and I drove up to Woodstock to see Bobby and Chris we had a chance to meet Sally, their recently adopted dog. Sally and Henry became fast friends as I joined Bobby in his studio for a conversation about the intersections of humans and animals.

The Interview

Infusing a Portrait With Personality

The Influence of Distance and Awareness On Actions

Creating Portraits of Animals as Individuals 

Loving Some Animals and Eating Others

Becoming Known for Animal Portraits

The Strange Normalcy of Eating Animals

The Question of Animals and Feelings

The Special Role of Companion Animals