Bruce Friedrich

                                            Presenting a toy to Henry

Before taking the posts of Executive Director of The Good Food Institute (GFI) and founding partner of New Crop Capital (NCC), Bruce Friedrich worked as Director of Policy & Advocacy at Farm Sanctuary and Vice President, International Grassroots Campaigns at PETA. A member of the Animal Rights Hall of Fame, Bruce's current work with GFI and NCC focuses on replacing animal products with plant and culture-based alternatives, and he also serves on the advisory board of the Christian Vegetarian Association and is a founding member of the Society of Ethical and Religious Vegetarians

Henry and I visited Bruce at his home in Washington DC, where our conversation ranged from religious beliefs about animal rights to activism, the environmental and health impacts of animal agriculture, and the influence of political and corporate lobbies on the lives of animals.

Interview Excerpts

Questioning Whether Animals Can Suffer

Dedicating Crops to Feed Farm Animals Rather Than People

How the Law Views Animals and Legal Frontiers

What Are Animal Rights Activists Working To Achieve?

Influences On Eating Habits

On Animal Welfare and Animal Rights 

How the Bible Informs Beliefs About Treatment of Animals

On Eating Some Animals and Not Others 

Parental Influences to Stand Up for People and Animals

Bruce’s Path to His Work Today

Factors That Influence Choices About Eating Animals

How Agencies & Industries Blocks Activist Efforts

Collusion Between Government and Industry

Comparing Vegan Diets With Meat and Dairy

Parallels Between Civil Rights, Equal Rights & Animal Rights

Influence of Christian Teachings 

Choosing Areas of Focus to Advance Animal Rights

Arguments Supporting a Plant-Based Diet