Carolyn Merino Mullin

Carolyn Merino Mullin founded the National Museum of Animals & Society (NMAS) in 2010 with a mission to "enrich the lives of animals and people through exploration of our shared experience." The NMAS education programs and exhibits focus on animal studies, animal protection history, and humane education, examining the relationships between human and non-human animals through the lenses of anthropology, sociology, biology, religion, and philosophy. 

Carolyn's background in animal protection dates back to 2002 when she worked as an organizer for the historic "Yes on 10" ballot initiative with Floridians for Humane Farms, which effectively banned gestation crates for pregnant sows on factory farms. She coordinated the Northern California "Yes on 2" campaign, which banned gestation crates, veal crates and battery cages within the state of California, and she has led community groups such as Animal Activists of Alachua and the West Coast branch of Farm Sanctuary's Education Department.

I met Carolyn in Malibu at The Historic Adamson House on the coast and our conversation ranged from remarkable women in animal protection movement to memorable museum exhibits and notable moments in the history of animals in society.


The Interview

The Genesis of the National Museum of Animals & Society

   The Mission of the National Museum of Animals & Society

                           Basic Awareness of Animals

                 Jack London and Children vs Ringing Brothers

        Social Movements and the Courage of Caroline Earle White

                 The History of Humane Education

                 Becoming an Advocate for Animals

                 The Influence of Carol Adams

                     Stolen Pets Used for Research

"Un Cooped" Deconstructing the Domesticated Chicken