Episode 1: the Series begins

In this first project film, people with a range of views share their impressions of why we use animals for science, recreation and food, and what this means for the animals, the planet and us. It serves as an introduction to some of the questions surrounding animal industries. You can visit the interviews gallery to learn more about the people in the film, and see more clips from their interviews. 


episode 2: A Trophy Hunter Veterinarian

I met this trophy hunter, who prefers not to be named, at a gas station he owns in South Dakota where I happened to be fueling up. Turned out he is also a veterinarian, and inside the gas station he created a museum to house the animals he has killed. Our conversation took some interesting turns as he answered my questions about what attracted him to hunting.


Episode 3: inside Rodeo

I filmed with Eric Cozzitorto and documented the Sonoma County Fair in Santa Rosa, CA in 2016.  Eric's event is team roping, and he talked about the reasons he enjoys rodeos and how he feels about using animals in these events.


Episode 4: Wild Horse roundup

In 2014 I created this short film for the American Wild Horse Campaign. It documents a roundup of wild horses in Bible Springs, Utah, and looks inside the Bureau of Land Management's policy of rounding up wild horses deemed by some to be overpopulating public lands that are shared with ranching interests. After the roundup we go inside a government holding facility in Delta, Utah that houses the captured wild horses. You can learn more about the BLM wild horse program in this more recent Moments of Truth Project interview with Rob Sharp, Director of the Oregon BLM Wild Horse and Burro program. 



*The Team 2017.jpg

The project is raising funds to cover equipment and travel necessary to launch our next extended cross country trip. This time our filming will be focused on oceans and wildlife as well as government agencies and corporations.

And as always, we will be ready to record the spontaneous encounters with people we meet on the road who help this exploration remain candid and unique.