Sandy Bonelli


Sandy Bonelli raises and trains horses for the sport of "cutting" at the Heart Ranch, in Petaluma, California. An inducted member of the National Cutting Horse Association's Riders & Non Pro Hall of Fame, Sandy has won the Non Pro Futurity -- her sport's "Super Bowl" -- four times. In addition to horses, her ranch is home to goats, cows, dogs and cats. In this interview Sandy shares her perspectives around using animals for sports, as well as the ways humans depend on other animals for food and medical research. She looks ahead at the evolving future she sees for herself and the animals at her ranch, and offers some insight into what she sees as the only hope humans have for seeing animals differently. The excerpts on this page are selected highlights from our interview; as the project progresses, more voices from widely different fields will join the conversation, ultimately building the final documentary. Learn more about how the interviews will form a final film

Watch Sandy competing in the finals of the 1997 Futurity

Sandy describes her sport


                      Animals bringing joy

                   "There's a disconnect"

            Medical research

                          "Uphill battle"

                "You have to educate"

                  A typical day in the life

                  "We choose not to see"

                   "What we ask of animals"

                         "Pigs and Pork"

                     The future for Sandy

Watch Sandy Bonelli win the 1997 Non Pro Futurity -- the "Super Bowl" of her sport: