OFFICIAL TRAILER

                   OFFICIAL TRAILER

MOMENTS OF TRUTH: WHERE HUMANS & ANIMALS MEET is the project's first feature length film, to be released in mid to late 2018.  

  Caroline and Henry on location in Missouri

Animals are an intimate and inextricable part of human life. We celebrate some in books and art, invite others into our homes, and appropriate vast numbers for food, materials, entertainment and experimentation. Because animal industries reach into virtually every aspect of human life, exploring this relationship provides enlightening ground for understanding human nature, social structures, the psychology of beliefs, and the levers of power.

Through the project's interviews, observations and intimate encounters recorded across America, MOMENTS OF TRUTH: WHERE HUMANS & ANIMALS MEET explores the idea that all life is interdependent with intrinsic value. The film asks why societies strive to defend humans from harm regardless of appearance, ability and intelligence, yet justify causing other species injury and death based on assumptions about those same qualities.

By taking to the road and engaging with people who work in animal industries as well as consumers and people who defend animals from use, these ideas are tested and held to the light.

In the process, the film offers an engaging and entertaining window into the American experience, deepening our exposure to the lives and concerns of other people and other species, and the environments we share. 



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