about the film

Animals are an intimate part of the human experience. We celebrate some in books and art, invite others into our homes, and involve vast numbers in industries producing food, materials, entertainment and experiments. The relationships we have with animals can tell us a lot about ourselves, and in MOMENTS OF TRUTH we explore the activities that bring other species into our sphere, illuminating what connects us, where we draw lines, and where we appear to be headed together.

The story follows Caroline Kraus and her dog Henry as they take to the road to talk with farmers and ranchers, bioethicists and conservationists, animal researchers and hunters, sanctuary founders, equestrians and more.

By engaging with people who work in animal industries, as well as those who study and defend animals from use, the question emerges: can we justify doing to other species what we would never allow done to ourselves?

Extended Trailer (5:40)

Moments Of Truth is Produced, Filmed and Edited by Caroline Kraus

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