Frederick Kraus, M.D.

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Frederick Kraus is a retired pathologist who practiced for more than 45 years, specializing in the areas of Obstetric, Gynecologic, Placental, and Perinatal Pathology. A mentor to countless younger physicians, he spent many years teaching in the pathology department at Washington University and directing the laboratory and the pathology residency program at the School of Medicine. 

When I asked my father if he might participate in the Moments of Truth Project, he was generous to say yes, and to spend an afternoon talking through issues many people avoid, such as using animals in research, and the conditions animals used for food endure. The two of us share a tenacity to ask questions, and my father's willingness to learn and change, if persuaded, has been a model that fuels this project's quest. We sat down together outside his home in St. Louis, Missouri, in late spring.


the Interview

                    First Animal Friend

               Using Animals for Research

              Considering Intentional Harm

                   On Zoos and Seaworld

Are There Justifications for Using Animals In Research?

         On Coexisting With Other Species

                      Pigs and Cages

                  Assumptions vs Reality

              Considering the Alternatives

         First and Last Experience Hunting