Jenny Brown

Jenny co-founded the Woodstock Farm Sanctuary with her husband Doug in 2004, after years working in documentary television production and as an undercover videographer at stockyards. Jenny's memoir The Lucky Ones brings readers along her path from learning about the conditions animals endure to her adventures co-founding a farm sanctuary. I had a chance to talk with Jenny at the Sanctuary in February of 2015, and one of the great joys of filming there was meeting the animals. We had some good laughs as they interacted with Jenny, inspected my equipment, and ambled through the occasional shot.


Interview Excerpts

Animals Here With Us  Not For Us

Being Aware of What Happens to Animals

What the Woodstock Farm Sanctuary Does and Why

What Will We Do With Farm Animals If We Don't Eat Them?

Meeting the Turkeys

Does Humane Slaughter Exist?

The Impact of Seeing Companions Slaughtered

A Path to Viewing Animals As Individuals

Side Effects of Animal Agriculture

Ralphie & Elvis - Rescued From Becoming Veal

Goat Maternity Ward & Chicken Infirmary (Music Tom Brousseau)

The Social Justice Movement Of Our Time

The Unsung Rabbits

Religion and Animals