Jolene Hanson

Jolene Hanson directs and curates the G2 Gallery in Venice, California. The G2 is an award-winning nature and wildlife photography gallery that raises awareness about environmental issues through shows and traveling exhibits that feature nature and wildlife photography by celebrated artists. The G2 donates all proceeds from art sales to environmental charities.

I sat down with Jolene in May, 2015 in her office at the gallery. Our conversation ranged from the persuasive power of photography to conservation efforts of artists, and political roles many photographers play in protecting the natural world. Jolene also discusses how her childhood experiences on a dairy informs her compassion for animals, and she describes two images that have had the most lasting impact on her.


The interview

                The Influence of Media on Public Perception

                         LA's Celebrated Mountain Lion P22

                          The Influence of Ansel Adams

             Politics and Photography of Robert Glenn Ketchum

                    Relating to Animals Through Photography

                          Loving Cows, Eating Beef

             Environmental Photography of Daniel Beltra