Joyce Tischler

In 1979 attorney Joyce Tischler co-founded a pioneering group of fellow lawyers called Attorneys for Animal Rights. In 1984 the group became the Animal Legal Defense Fund, and Joyce was the Executive Director for twenty-five years. After transitioning to ALDF's general counsel, she became responsible for in-house legal matters, as well as writing, lecturing on, and promoting the field of animal law. She has been called a visionary, a leader, an inspiration, the "Mother of Animal Law" and a role model. As we sat down together at her home in Northern California, we were periodically joined by Deja, her daughter's affectionate rescued pit bull.

The Interview

Considering Animals

 Considering the Interests of Animals

The Law and Research Animals

Becoming a Vegan

The Evolution of Vegan Alternatives

Ramifications of Animal Research

Industrial Conditions for Animals

 Growing Up With Animal Products 

On Becoming An Activist 

Representing Research Animals 

Types of Animal Experiments

Toxicity Testing on Animals

Using Chimpanzees in Research

Considering Animals as Property 

Using Animals For Entertainment 

Wild Animals in Captivity

Arguments Against Animals Rights 

Stages of Social Movements 

Practices in Dairy Farming 

Buying Into Harming Animals

Parallels with Human Slavery

What Legal Rights for Animals Means  

Impacts of Industrial Animal Farming

Women in the Animal Right Movement 

Harmful Practices That are Legal 

Obstacles to Offering Animals Rights

 How We Treat Animals and Each Other

The US Navy Vs 500 Burros 

USDA Priorities and Practices

lternatives to Using Animals in Testing

Unnecessary Experiments on Animals 

Performing Animal Training Methods

Fears About Animals Having Rights

Successful Social Movements

 The rise of "Ag Gag" Laws 

The Life of a Female Calf  

Signs of Progress for Animal Interests

Dangers of "Ag Gag" Laws

Religion & Animal Rights