Paul Shapiro

                                            Presenting a toy to Henry

Paul Shapiro's commitment to animal welfare started early - he founded the nonprofit Compassion Over Killing while still in high school, and served for a decade as Campaigns Director and a farm animal cruelty investigator until joining the Humane Society of the United States, where he now directs the organization's Farm Animal Protection efforts, including legislative and corporate campaigns.

A member of the Animal Rights Hall Of Fame, Paul works with lawmakers and major food retailers to implement animal welfare reforms in the agricultural industry, and he has been widely published and interviewed for television and radio.

While in Washington DC I met Paul at the HSUS main headquarters, and we had a chance to cover topics ranging from the conditions farm animals experience to the politics and corporate influences that impact consumer perceptions and animal welfare.

Interview Excerpts

Developing Beliefs About Animals and Human Responsibilities

Considering a Vegan Diet

What Does the HSUS Do?

hy Was the HSUS Founded?

On Land Use and Feeding More People 

The Impact of Subsidies for Animal Agriculture 

hat Do "Humane" Labels Mean?

Helping People Realize Animals are Being Treated in Ways Not Aligned With Mainstream Values

Considering Human Rationalizations to Use Animals

Learning About Farm Animals and Their Treatment

Thinking About Dairy Cows and Products 

Working With Authorities and Agencies to Protect Animals 

Environmental and Health Impacts of Animal Agribusiness

Wildlife Services Killing Wildlife on Public Lands

Ag Gag Bills and Suppression of Undercover Exposes 

The Influence and Power of the Meat Industry 

The Relevance of Other Social Movements