Eric Cozzitorto

Featured Short: Talking Rodeo (16:04)

Eric is a farrier from Gustine, CA who travels as a team roper at rodeos. I caught up with Eric when he was in town for the Sonoma County Fair Rodeo in Santa Rosa, CA. He was staying at the home of friends Keli Hendricks and Dean Spinelli, who have a ranch in Sonoma County where Dean manages the cattle ranch and Keli works in wildlife rehabilitation. During the interview with Eric at their house, you might see a pair of Keli's foster raccoons appear in the background as if on cue.  My conversation with Eric ranged from why he loves roping and rodeos to imagining the rodeo experience from the animals' perspective and in the last clip Dean reflects on his calf, steer and bull riding experiences starting back in childhood. You can view by topical clips below, or see the all the clips in the Featured Short at right.


Interview Clips

Rodeo Montage

The Origin of Team Roping

On the Appeal of Rodeos

Using Animals for Rodeo

Considering the Interests of Animals

Why Animals Exist 

On Using Animals for Entertainment

Some Animals are Food, Others Companions

 Closest Animal Relationship

Accidentally Injuring a Steer

Heritage and Social Change

Loving Animals

Dean Spinelli: Reflections of a Former Bull Rider