countryside farm

Sebastien Bonneu runs his seven-acre Countryside Farm in Cedar Creek, TX, raising ducks, chickens, geese, rabbits, guinea fowl, pigeons and heritage pigs for meat and eggs, and trapping wild hogs to sell for meat. The pigs and hogs are trucked to slaughter facilities, and the rest of the animals are slaughtered on site. In Sebastien's words,

Featured Short: Countryside Farm (19:03)

When I met Sebastien at a farmer's market in Austin, Texas in May of 2015 he invited me to visit his farm on slaughter day. While some of our conversation takes place while he is killing rabbits, those scenes are omitted from the clips on this page. You can view a version that shows how his rabbits are killed here.


Interview Excerpts

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     Meeting Sebastien and Going to His Farm 

                 Kill a Rabbit, Buy a Barbie Doll

   Medicating Animals & Consumer Demand

            Considering Not Eating Animals

 Protecting Farm Animals from Wild Animals

                       Special Chickens

                       Why are Animals Here?

                   On Humans as Predators

           Ducks, Ducklings & Guinea Fowl

                 Thoughts On Chickens

           Considering a Plant-Based Diet

               Catching Chickens at Night

                                                                  Scenes from the Farm