website & multimedia creation +
Workshops & Services for SeniorS

Many people want to present their work, but dread the prospect of creating and running a website. The cost of hiring a professional web designer can be as daunting as the idea of creating the images, text and videos that make a website shine. I am able to customize professionally designed Squarespace templates so that they represent you, with the right color palette, style and features to achieve your goals. Along with the design I'll take care of your domain registration, social media integration, website copy, photography and video content with flexible plans that start at a basic level with 5-7 pages and content you provide and grow to more complex websites of up to 10-20 pages, with eCommerce in addition to social media integration, writing, video and photography.

I also offer tutorials to show you how to manage your website after it's built, or if you prefer I can maintain your website management on an ongoing and renewable basis.

To kick things off, send me an email describing your needs, and we'll arrange a time to talk over possibilities, pricing and plans. I look forward to learning about your interests and work, and supporting your vision with a beautiful digital platform.

I also offer 90-minute workshops and presentations that apply filmmaking and book writing experiences and practices to fueling the creative process.

And I offer multimedia services tailored for seniors — from sharing your voices to staying connected in the world.