where humans & animals meet

This is the project's first short feature. It incorporates interviews and footage from just the early months of production. This film touches on a range of topics, but it has a slightly larger focus on animals and food since most of the footage gathered at the time was centered on animal agriculture. The interviews archive presents more people, topics and perspectives, and new interviews and footage will continually be added and incorporated into additional short and full-length documentaries that go into a broader range of subjects more deeply.

Note: While this film avoids graphic imagery, some scenes may be unsettling to some viewers.

Help Us Continue Filming

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The project is raising funds to cover equipment and travel necessary to launch our next extended cross country trip. This time our filming will be focused on oceans and wildlife as well as government agencies and corporations.

And as always, we will be ready to record and include the perspectives of general consumers and people we meet on the road who add the relatable dimension that helps make this exploration unique.