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The material support of this generous community helped launch the Moments Of Truth Project in 2015, and continues to make this work possible. Learn more about supporting Moments Of Truth



Keli Hendricks
Gayle Jackson
Frederick Kraus
Jill Sideman

Colleen Sorenson


Susan Elderkin
Jenny Ewing
Timothy Ewing
Amy Germuth
Jenny Hansen
Grant Kraus
Madeleine Kraus
John Nimmons
Barb Nimmons
John Paluska

Rachel Paluska
Ashish Ranpura
Carla Reed
Nelson Reed
Bonnie Veron
Ital Veron



Marlene Attell
Michael Bagley
Deena Grady Berger
Iris Bieri
Phil Branton
Ellen Branton
Hardy & Robin Brown
Carol Conzelman
Patricia Gilchrist
Gina Farr
Anna Forrester
Camilla Fox

Sandy Snyder
Liz Hendey
Beth Herbster
Susan Ives
Jennifer MaHarry
Christian Misvaer

Jane Montgomery
Linda Pantoskey
Harvey Smith
Adam Snyder
Shawn Summers
Ellen Taussig

Mitch Young