Will Tuttle, PhD

A vegan since 1980, Dr. Will Tuttle co-founded the Circle of Compassion and the Worldwide Prayer Circle For Animals. He is the author of The World Peace Diet and a former Zen monk who studied in Korea. A prolific pianist and composer, Dr. Tuttle is also a dynamic speaker who captivated a full tent of listeners during Animal Place's first Farmed Animal Conference in 2015. In these excerpts Will offers insights into the impact meal rituals have on human beliefs and actions, and describes where trauma to animals, people and the environment is directly caused by industrial animal agriculture. He lives in Northern California with his wife, Madeleine.


Talk Excerpts

                         An Industry based on Trauma

                       Well Adjusted to a Sick Society

          Environmental Impacts of Animal Agriculture

The Impact of Meal Rituals on Human Actions and Beliefs

                 The Foundation of a Sane Society

                             Engine of Inequity

                                                                                    Beings as Things