Will Tuttle, PhD

A vegan since 1980, Dr. Will Tuttle co-founded the Circle of Compassion and the Worldwide Prayer Circle For Animals. He is the author of The World Peace Diet and a former Zen monk who studied in Korea. A prolific pianist and composer, Dr. Tuttle is also a dynamic speaker who captivated a full tent of listeners during Animal Place's first Farmed Animal Conference in 2015. In this interview, Will offers insights into the impact formative conditioning around food and other animal uses has on our choices and actions. 

See clips of Will speaking at Animal Place's Conference in 2015.


Interview Excerpts

The Industrialized Agriculture Machine

Labor and the Economics of Animal Agriculture

Who Benefits From the Animal Agriculture System

The Impact of Animal Agriculture on the Planet and Society 

Transitioning From Animal to Plant-Based Agriculture

Fish, Egg and Dairy Industries 

Human Health & Dairy Products

Considering the Interests, Emotions & Experiences of Animals

Animals and the Bible

The Calling for Humans

The Impacts of Monocrops and Hunting

Growing Up With Animals as Food

Ancient Roots of Veganism 

How Food Choices Relate to Peace

Dairy and Women's Health

Parallels Between the Abolitionist Movement and Animal Rights

How Humans Relate to Animals & Mass Extinction

Hunting as a Conservation

A World Where Animals Are Not Hunted Or Raised For Food

The Power of Community to Influence Our Choices

Interconnectedness & Eating Animals