creating and producing

Whether you have a film in the works, a book idea, or simple curiosity about the process of creating stories, my workshops and presentations speak to the questing spirit in every creative pursuit.

I incorporate anecdotes, insights and practical wisdom gained from publishing a memoir and years of filmmaking on the road as well as producing multimedia for universities and organizations. Just as my work blends filmmaking, writing and photography, each 90-minute workshop or presentation blends these storytelling tools in a multimedia-supported talk, offering a behind-the-scenes view of what it takes to independently create and distribute multimedia, with concrete steps to identify, access and share the stories you want to tell. Learn more about my experience.

The workshops offer short, in-class exercises that develop your idea into a synopsis or pitch, while presentations use the last half hour to incorporate questions and answers. In both cases they will:

  • Share illustrated anecdotes from personal experience making films and books

  • Explore how developing a documentary and a book yield insights into both mediums

  • Offer practical advice about the nuts and bolts of finding a story and putting a film or book together

  • Offer guidance about self-publishing as well as finding an agent and publisher

  • Discuss what to do with a short or feature length film after it’s completed — festivals, streaming and distribution

  • Touch on equipment, software, organizations and technical considerations for both film and book production  

  • Provide reading, watching and resource lists to support multimedia projects