website & multimedia creation

Many people want to present their work, but dread the prospect of creating and running a website. The cost of hiring a professional web designer can be as daunting as the idea of creating the images, text and videos that make a website shine. I am able to customize professionally designed Squarespace templates so that they represent you, with the right color palette, style and features to achieve your goals. Along with the design I'll take care of your domain registration, social media integration, website copy, photography and video content with flexible plans that start at a basic level with 5-7 pages and content you provide and grow to more complex websites of up to 10-20 pages, with eCommerce in addition to social media integration, writing, video and photography.

I also offer tutorials to show you how to manage your website after it's built, or if you prefer I can maintain your website management on an ongoing and renewable basis.

To kick things off, send me an email describing your needs, and we'll arrange a time to talk over possibilities, pricing and plans. I look forward to learning about your interests and work, and supporting your vision with a beautiful digital platform.

I also offer 90-minute workshops and presentations that apply filmmaking and book writing experiences and practices to fueling the creative process.

And I offer multimedia services tailored for seniors — from sharing your voices to staying connected in the world.


The following Squarespace samples show a range of design and organizational approaches. During an up to one-hour consultation (book by email) we'll discuss your project and the right approach for you based on your needs, budget and goals. I will customize these designs to reflect your personality, mission, voice, vision and purpose, with review sessions and reiterations until you are completely satisfied.

Click on each image to see the Squarespace demo of each template on the Squarespace website.














Design plans are flexible and modular. They can grow in both scope and price with the following combinations of content and options. 

step 1: choose your domain and subscription

Domain Name Registration.....$20.00 - $30.00 /Domain
Squarespace Annual Subscription.......$144.00 (Basic) OR $216.00 (with eCommerce)  
Domain email..............................$50.00 [Optional]

step 2: choose your DESIGN PLAN

Basic Plan.................................................................$750.00 (Includes registration, design and organization of supplied media). 
Basic + Core Content...........................................$2500.00 (Basic + I provide website copy, images, a welcome video, social media integration and tutorials.)
Level 1 Communities & Organizations..........$5000.00 (For complex sites. Includes writing, photography, a welcome video and tutorials.)
Level 2 Communities & Organizations..........$7K-12K  (For more complex sites. Includes writing, photography and multiple videos plus tutorials.)

Step 3: design and review

I'll draw up a schedule with checkpoints to review the design progress and content production, and I'll keep in touch with updates, staying responsive to any questions you have along the way. Initially I'll need your cooperation to receive images and content to fill out the website, or if we are starting from scratch without visual content we'll make a plan around creating the images and sharing the information I'll need to write your website copy. Typically Basic and Basic Plus sites take 4-6 weeks to complete, and Level 1 or Level 2 sites can take several months.

Step 4: maintenance

After your website is built and content completed, I can offer tutorials to help you take over the wheel, or we can decide on a plan to keep me in the loop for adding or changing content and addressing any technical needs. Tutorials are covered all except in the Basic plan, and ongoing arrangements can be worked out at the point of hand off.


creating and producing

Whether you have a film in the works, a book idea, or simple curiosity about the process of creating stories, my workshops and presentations speak to the questing spirit in every creative pursuit.

I incorporate anecdotes, insights and practical wisdom gained from publishing a memoir and years of filmmaking on the road as well as producing multimedia for universities and organizations. Just as my work blends filmmaking, writing and photography, each 90-minute workshop or presentation blends these storytelling tools in a multimedia-supported talk, offering a behind-the-scenes view of what it takes to independently create and distribute multimedia, with concrete steps to identify, access and share the stories you want to tell. Learn more about my experience.

The workshops offer short, in-class exercises that develop your idea into a synopsis or pitch, while presentations use the last half hour to incorporate questions and answers. In both cases they will:

  • Share illustrated anecdotes from personal experience making films and books

  • Explore how developing a documentary and a book yield insights into both mediums

  • Offer practical advice about the nuts and bolts of finding a story and putting a film or book together

  • Offer guidance about self-publishing as well as finding an agent and publisher

  • Discuss what to do with a short or feature length film after it’s completed — festivals, streaming and distribution

  • Touch on equipment, software, organizations and technical considerations for both film and book production  

  • Provide reading, watching and resource lists to support multimedia projects



CK Primary 2017.jpg

Listening and learning is at the root of this project, and with seniors there are special rewards. Whether we’re working together to create a personal website, photo-book, oral history or video memoir, or discovering a new podcast or learning platform, the process of working together blends knowledge-sharing and creativity with humor, sensitivity and fun.

“Share your knowledge. It’s a way to achieve immortality.”
Dalai Lama

I offer consultations and tech support; one-on-one and group tutorials; personal website design; sustained project facilitation and much more to help you:

  • Stay in touch with family and friends via social media, FaceTime, emails and texting

  • Stay enriched with audio books, films and ebooks

  • Stay up and running with setup assistance, technical support and creative ideas

  • Make purchase decisions and  learn how to use devices  

  • Share your voice and creative works via a personal website

  • Create “video memoirs” and other digital works such as oral histories, photo-stories, short films and books

  • Enjoy the offerings of the Mill Valley library, setting up your library account, accessing electronic resources, and learning about upcoming events and programs