finding moments of truth

Caroline and Henry in Bakersville, Missouri.

Caroline and Henry in Bakersville, Missouri.

In the fall of 2015, conditions arose that drew me out of my conventional life and onto the road full time, with cameras, a laptop, my dog Henry and little else.

My Bay Area rent had soared beyond my means just as the seeds of this project were taking root, and I felt propelled to give up my apartment and sell what I owned in order to downsize to fit my Jeep, live full time on the road, and commit fully to the explorations reflected now in the project’s forthcoming (2020) first book and film.

For years leading up to this time I had been volunteering on local farms and ranches and participating inside the competitive horse world. As I fell in love with these activities and places, I also saw firsthand the dilemmas that arise when animals become part of human industries. Even in the most caring environments, the conflicts of interests that I saw unsettled my conscience, surfacing questions about the ways and reasons we appropriate other lives.

By 2015 I had conceived of a documentary project that would explore this relationship, and with stops planted across the U.S, Henry and I set off on a two-year filmmaking adventure. 

A cat looks on during an interview in Washington, DC.

Now I am eager to share the resulting film as well as a behind-the-scenes book that explores the topic and themes through the journey of making the film.

I hope these works can inspire viewers and readers to feel as curious as I am about one another, and the environments we share.