kim sturla

Kim Sturla co-founded Animal Place, a sanctuary for farmed animals, in 1989. Her long and active role in the animal rights movement includes writing the first law in the country that protects pre-university students unwilling to participate in animal dissections. For more than a decade she also served as director of the Peninsula Humane Society.

At Animal Place, Kim is known as the resident Pig Whisperer, and during two separate visits I saw those talents displayed firsthand. We sat down together in the pot bellied pig pasture for this interview, and enjoyed a visit from Frank, one of the residents, as we talked.


The Interview

     The Moment that Sparked Animal Place

             Discovering Peter Singer's Book

      The Experience for Billions of Chickens

                    Speaking of Numbers

The Connection Between Animals and Food

    Are Humane Animal Products Possible?

             The Million Dollar Question

Where Are Farm Animals In a Vegan World?