Sandy Bonelli


Sandy Bonelli is a professional horse trainer and competitor in a Western riding event called Cutting. Based in Petaluma, California, her ranch has been home to goats, cows, dogs, donkeys and cats as well as the up to 30 horses who make up her breeding and competing program. In this interview, Sandy shares her experiences with animals in sports, as well as perspectives about animals in food and medical research industries. She looks ahead at the evolving future she sees for herself and the animals at her ranch, and offers some insight into what she sees as the only hope humans have for seeing animals differently. 

The Interview

Inside the sport of Cutting.

What we ask of animals.


Animals and medical research.

On animals bringing joy.

"There is a disconnect."

“An uphill battle."

"You have to educate."

A typical day.

Considering pigs as food.

"We choose not to see."

Thinking about the future.