Heath & LaurelLynne Sewell

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While heading west through Oregon in August, 2015, I stopped at a cafe outside of a town called Burns, and flipping through a newspaper there I noticed a story about a local taxidermist named Heath Sewell, who had been drawn to taxidermy and hunting at a young age. As an adult he paired those interests and started his own taxidermy business, which he runs with his wife, LaurelLynne.

Driving though Burns I happened to see a sign for Sewell's, and pulled in to see if they could spare some time to talk. An hour later we had covered topics ranging from the art of taxidermy to religion, stereotypes, factory farming and the ethics of hunting.

The Interview

Introduction to the Sewells & Taxidermy

On Food Quality & Factory Farming

Beliefs About Hunting & Religion

On Using Animals in Rodeos

On Biblical Statements About Using Animals

On Hunting as a Means to Manage Wildlife

On Hunting vs Buying Meat at Safeway

On Taking a Life & the Appeal of Hunting

On Inhumane, Tax-Subsidized Practices of USDA Wildlife Services

On Hunting & Religion

On Stereotypes, Assumptions & Judgement

On How the Bible Instructs Humans to Act Towards Animals

On Whether the Bible Can Support Changing Attitudes Towards Using Animals