“Dr. D” (Prefers not to share his name)

Chance Encounter With a Trophy Hunting Veterinarian

One of the themes of my August, 2015 trip was odd things happening at gas stations. In South Dakota, after fueling up, I entered to use a restroom and found a huge menagerie of stuffed and mounted wildlife, many in fierce poses, like a black bear under attack by a lion, and there was a large variety of species, from an African elephant and lion, to ostrich, bears, raccoons, virtually every type of predator, antelope, big horn sheep and prairie dogs. I learned that the station owner was a veterinarian/trophy hunter, and that by chance he was there that day. I fetched my camera, and though this participant does not want to be identified, he was very open in our interview. 

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The Interview

On being a trophy hunter and a veterinarian

Taking a Moment with the Animals

On the idea that killing animals protects animals from being killed

Promoting killing animals while condemning abortion

A religious rational for killing animals

On the appeal of hunting, and choosing to kill instead of photograph

Comparing concerns about killing animals for sport with concerns about human abortions

On displaying animals in exhibits

Reactions to killing Cecil the lion